Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned. In John's route, Dave shows some understandable concern over John inviting a strange person who claims to be a mailman and who's age he doesn't know into his room, and shows especially deep concern over John's signature gullibility in just trusting everything the MSPA Reader told him, but when John insists that nothing bad is happening, that they are actually a nice person, and that they're having a good time, Dave relents and gives his approval, telling John to enjoy himself since it's his birthday.

Dave also, in a rare dropping of his Early-Homestuck-Self's "ironic" stoicism, openly admits that he lied about thinking Sburb is dumb and that he wasn't going to play. That he was just saying that to sound "cool and aloof"and that he was actually excited to play it together with John and their friends, thinking it would be a great thing for the four of them to do. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?While you still haven't quite recovered from all the food at Olive Garden, you are determined to make more friends.

This time round, you know the full name of the person you're about to visit: Jade Harley. You find it odd that her other friends don't know all that much about her, but you aren't going to let that get in the way. When you're teleporting to her place, however, you hear a loud bark, nuclear green energy crackling around you.

Startled as you are, you still manage to appear safely in a room. The dog in question stands over you, and he seems friendly enough. You find it extremely jarring to see Jade pointing her gun at you even though her dog is perfectly at ease with you, heeding her warning to stay perfectly still.

You try to convince her that you mean her no harm, but she is reluctant to point the gun somewhere else despite clearly not relishing the idea of killing another living thing. Irritated with your inexcessant chatter, Jade demands to know what you're doing, interferring with their lives and all that. She goes on to explain that your arrival has drastically shifted the forces of fate, all due to the fact that you've destroyed John's copy of the Sburb beta.

Not quite grasping what she's so upset about, you tell her that you're just here to make friends. Jade isn't done with her rant, and openly muses the possibility of you being a Prospitian double agent, since you don't resemble a Dersitea troll or a human. Taken aback with her last comment, you begin to doubt yourself.

Right when she's about to loosen up, she remembers that she has a few questions for you and would like to fix the entire situation as soon as possible. You are starting to take issue with the gun pointed at your face. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It was written by David Turnbull. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. The Player. MSPA Reader. Pesterable Homestuck characters.

Volume 1. John Egbert.Chumroll acts as achievements to the game Pesterquestsimilar to how Befriendments worked in Hiveswap Friendship Simulator.

These can be obtained by getting good endings on routes or by doing certain things during the route. The name is in reference to the chumroll feature of Pesterchum. The first Chumroll is obtained by completing John's route for the first time on a good ending.

gamzee pesterquest

This Chumroll is obtained by completing Rose's route for the first time on a good ending. In this ending, Rose and the reader lay in the woods area after having disposed of Rose's mom's liquor. A hidden Chumroll, this takes place in Rose's route by saying "No" at the first option. The reader will then teleport accidentally to Skaianet Laboratorywhere Rose's mom and Mutie lie in wait. The Chumroll is obtained once dialog has passed where the reader names the kitten "Cryptid McWhiskers," which is also the title of said Chumroll.

By completing Dave's routethis Chumroll is obtained. The final route in the Beta Kid volumes, where, by getting the good ending on Jade's route and getting the kids to sleepover at her house, will collect the Chumroll.

The description also mentions the "lack of apocalypse," referring to The Reckoning that ceases to exist at the beginning of Pesterquest. The first route in the trolls' volumes involves Karkat Vantas. His Chumroll is collected in the good ending of his route, where Karkat plays some video games with Dave and John, much to his disapproval.


The chumroll is collected in Kanaya Maryam 's good ending. The chumroll is collected in Gamzee Makara 's good ending, where he and the reader get high off of slime pie. The chumroll is collected in Vriska Serket 's good ending. The "broiled spider" is in reference to Vriska's Lusus being thrown into the volcano located on Jade's island.

By selecting "Leverage" and "Hubris" as your top attributes, you can be known as the "Petticoat Seagrift," the same class as Vriska. Unfortunately, you will be forced to pick a different class on finalizing your attributes, but in return the hidden Chumroll will be obtained.

Similarly, by selecting "Appetite" and "Imagination" as your top attributes in class creation, you can be known as the "Boy Skylark," the same class as Tavros. Unlike the previous chumroll, you are allowed to progress without needing to change your class, however Vriska will note how "dopey" the choice is, and wishes the player luck with it.

The chumroll is collected in Equius Zahhak 's good ending.You teleport Karkat back to his lusus after spending some time on Earth, the troll exhausted after a day hanging out with John and Dave. Better control over your teleportation powers means that you don't spend much time musing about your situation, and you are glad for that.

While Karkat goes to bed, you remember that he'd once asked you to take him to a friend's place—not that it went particularly well. Either way, you zap on over to said friend's place. Appearing in the yard of a large hiveyou notice someone on the beach. Not wanting to startle the skinny troll, you slowly approach him and clear your throat to get his attention. Gamzee initially thinks you're lost or a lost lususbut invites you inside after a bit of chatting.

While waiting for him in the living room, you hear loud clattering and banging from the closet. Upon hearing Karkat's voice, you realize that you'd accidentally time traveled into the past when teleporting to Gamzee's place. You aren't sure what to do.

You spend a few moments considering your so-called accomplishments, not sure that being able to reset everything when stuff goes wrong makes your efforts count. There is a ship in the distance, and probably someone there too. But you've decided that you're a loner from now on, eschewing friendship altogether. Since she hasn't noticed you yet, you spend a few moments watching her chart documents and roll dice. Vriska is shocked to see you approach her, but recognizes you as the fellow that had been bothering Kanaya some time ago.

She isn't in the mood for meddling or friends, as she's preoccupied with a campaign. Wanting to impress her, you say that you're really good at campaigning.

You catch on to the fact that she meant a role-playing campaign rather belatedly, the ceruleanblood berating you for being so clueless. Vriska goes on to explain how the game works, and you aren't doing so hot at the moment.

She mocks your terrible skill, and you take the insult lying down. Watching Vriska hatch a game grub makes you doubt your decision though, since you aren't sure whether you're up to witnessing something that would piss you off immensely. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

pesterquest endings

Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

Cancel Save. The Player. MSPA Reader. Pesterable Homestuck characters. Volume 1. John Egbert. Volume 2. Rose Lalonde. Volume 3. Dave Strider. Volume 4. Jade Harley. Volume 5. Volume 7.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pesterquest Store Page. Find all the answers you're looking for as you zap between Earth and Alternia making friends as you go.

pesterquest endings

Most popular community and official content for the past week. Vriska Is a Filthy Liar. Everybody do the flop. View artwork. Does the current sale include all the volumes?

Sorry, I couldn't tell and It's a pain to buy them one at a time You have to buy the "Friendsim" volumes one by one, right? Loved Hiveswap, though. Your vision stretches out in a long, empty corridor, and at the other end Chumroll Achievement Guide.

View all guides. View screenshots. Nyanco Channel. View videos. When you are given the choice between putting the beta back in the box long day end and not doing that game crashinstead click on MSPAR's sprite. The rest of the true end will play out and you wi Otto Kampfmann. Quinn the Crusader HypeSwapAct2. So, the final route is out. Putting all of this under spoilers, sorry for all of those reading on mobile or whatevs, i don't make the rules about the courtesy of giving people time after the release.

Feel free to write what you want even if you didn't read the post or it isn't a rep It's all too easy. Something's wrong. MC is solving the characters' problems way, way, way too easily. Vriska and Terezi are suddenly happy pals again, the fandom OTP Davekat which I hate, but I don't think it's colouring my perception here much is together several years early and Karkat has a safe place to go to avoid the drones, Gamzee is less lonely now and thus possibly less easily influenced by Scratch though they seem to be going with the whole "he was evil all along" idea, which is a separate gripe I can go into if anyone caresJad Why is Terezi fat?The game was announced on August 22nd,following a cryptic teaser 9 days prior, to be a 14 episode visual novel that will feature interactions with Homestuck characters on both Earth and Alterniawith episodes being published on a similar biweekly schedule to Hiveswap Friendsim.

The game's Steam store page describes it as "14 volumes of idiosyncratic adventure packed with visual mastery and shrewdly written narrative.

Volumes 1 and 2 were released on Steam on September 4th, Each of the Pesterquest volumes feature a character or two, though certain characters may have a significantly smaller, background role in the game. By volume, Pesterquest has featured:. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Dubiously Canon. This article is a stub. Categories :. Cancel Save.

Pesterquest Review: Roll Persuasion

The Player. MSPA Reader. Pesterable Homestuck characters. Volume 1. John Egbert. Volume 2. Rose Lalonde. Volume 3. Dave Strider. Volume 4. Jade Harley.

pesterquest gamzee

Volume 5. Volume 6. Volume 7. Volume 8. Volume 9. Volume Jane Crocker. Jake English. Roxy Lalonde.Homesquared is already well on its way and all anyone wants to talk about is its questionable character choices and whatever nonsense its writing team has got up to this week.

I enjoyed Friendsim a good deal, so I had high hopes for Pesterquest going in. Each character has their own chapter with only three endings each, with two choice points throughout. Some of the choices can be pretty counterintuitive, urging you to go against common sense, human decency, and the basic drive for survival in order to end up making a friend. In some visual novels this would be frustrating and leave the player feeling like they have to guess their way to the good end, but because this is a comedy game, most players are going to want to see every ending anyway.

The main strength of Pesterquest is in its comedy, and for me it hits all the right buttons. It reminds me a lot of the early acts of Homestuckfairly lighthearted humor based off character dialogue or monologue, a lot of the time with the occasional really dark joke thrown in there when it starts to get a little too easygoing. A good chunk of it was by James Roach, who worked on the music for Hiveswap and Friendsimand he reaches the same standard of quality as always.

The art is solid as well, there was a uniform style throughout the game despite the number of artists and no one looked too radically different from anyone else. The only one that stood out as a little weird was Roxy, mostly because of her hair. The inside scenes are full of personality and the outside scenes are colorful except when necessary and detailed without being distracting.

Gallows humor is much more present on Alternia than when hanging around with a goofball like John. Some routes are much less humorous than others, though, and prefer to lean on drama and emotional beats to entertain. One last gripe before moving on, though, the writing is oddly self-congratulatory at times. As I was playing the game and planning my review, there was one question I realized I had to ask myself: What do I want out of this game, aside from entertainment?

In this case, what I want is to see is a different side of familiar characters. For the most part, it provides. Naturally, you end the game by going back in time to allow John and friends to play, undoing every action throughout the game. The route hints at some potential fallout from this, but it never happens. Pesterquest continues the weird relationship HS has developed with content warnings, listing them for each individual chapter but mocking them in-universe. Again, if this was a new character, this would be great rep.

When I play through the route, this character does not seem like the same Vriska who paralyzed her friend, who blinded Terezi, who got Aradia killed. The same goes for the player character in her route as well. Aside from that, though, Pesterquest was pretty much all I wanted.

pesterquest endings

I really loved getting to see new sides of Equius, Nepeta, and Feferi, and hell, I even grew to like Eridan some more. At the time of writing this review, I failed to find the true ending of the game, which is accomplished by clicking on the MSPA Reader sprite during the final choice as opposed to the other two options. For the record, I think this is pretty stupid, and would prefer something more like a completion bonus after finding all endings.

Regardless, the true ending is fantastic, and I withdraw my previous comment about the Aradia route under-delivering. The music, visuals, pacing, and content make something absolutely beautiful. This review of Pesterquest was based on the PC version of the game.

A review copy was provided. Pesterquest hits the right comedic and even emotional beats with the soundtrack to back it up, but it's held back by a few less-than-ideal character interpretations. Max is a student at Rutgers who likes writing fantasy and playing video games such as Zelda, Mario, Undertale, Earthbound, and Stardew Valley.

Great review! However, based on your thoughts on the ending, I think you should check if you reached the true ending or not. Hi tpg, Thanks for reading! I very much appreciate you pointing that out!

pesterquest endings

Ubisoft made it within a few days of their Ubisoft Forward event, then everything fell apart. A day before the event and a day after Far Cry 6 was leaked….


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