Glamorous High Definition Mink. Mini Lash Compacts. Be the first in the know on exclusive promotions, upcoming events, new product launches and member only benefits. A deluxe lash box with everything you need to apply your magnetic 3D mink lashes. Each lash kit includes a rose gold magnetic lash liner and tweezer. Transform your look in 2 minutes. From movie marathons to indoor picnics. All you need to feel romantic and look sexier in minutes.

Our Liquid Magnetic Eyeliner is preferred by professional makeup artists and photographers. These 3D mink lashes are superrrr comfortable, super light, super easy, sooo not messy!!!

They pop right on in 1,2,3. Love them!!! The mini lash compacts fit in my purse and are so glam. Salon See more "Close Cart". Currency See more Currency "Close Cart". Shop all. Quick view. Become A Dazzling Insider Be the first in the know on exclusive promotions, upcoming events, new product launches and member only benefits. Mini lash compacts to be discreet. Because you never know when you'll need them. Shop now. Beautiful black pigment.

Superior staying power. On Sale. Add to Cart. Press gently and hold for a few seconds. No glue needed, what a dream! Very easy to use. Follow Us.See if you're pre-qualified. Our eyelash extension training in Long Islandwhich covers New York, NY, is designed to help you build a foundation for a career in high-end lashes.

Our training academy is certified by the New York Department of Education, and our instructors are licensed educators. Sign up for our eyelash extension training to learn the fundamentals of applying lashes. Our professionals are committed to helping you develop the skills you need to perform techniques successfully and satisfactorily.

She is a successful entrepreneur, a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, and a licensed educator by the state of New York. With years of experience in the entertainment industry, she also holds a business-management degree and several beauty certifications.

Extremely influential as a celebrity stylist, our founder has traveled the world as a participant in the retail fashion and beauty industry worlds for more than ten years. We are well-known for our lash extensions in Long Island. Come enhance your beauty experience with us. Come into our Huntington Station store when you need high-quality lash products—from Royalty hats and lounge pants to foaming cleansers and hypoallergenic lash adhesives—you are sure to find the ideal product.

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Perming An amazing alternative to eyelash extensions. Tinting Say goodbye to eyeliner with this impressive beauty technique. See More. Disclaimer Royalty products are designed for licensed and advanced technicians only, not for individual use. All customers who purchased our products are solely responsible for the product, performance, please note results of eyelash extensions may vary from person to person. All rights reserved Sitemap.Just as your eye color is unique to you, so are your eyelashes.

Let us help you bring out your best look! Every lash appointment begins with a client consultation with your Lash Artist to decide the style you wish to achieve while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. We offer a wide variety of lash lengths, curls and diameters as well as lash accents of various colors and glitters! Every lash appointment ends with a review of lash aftercare to ensure that your lashes stay strong and healthy!

We offer a variety of aftercare products and cosmetics specifically designed to be used with eyelash extensions - lash washes, makeup wipes, lash conditioners, eyelash extension safe eyeliners and sealants. Appointments can be reserved online Choose the perfect date and time for you! We may be able to move things around scheduling permitting!

Lash fills are for current clients only. Please schedule a new set if you are a new client! We do not work over other salon's work so you will be charged for removal and the new set if you arrive with old extensions. It is highly recommended that new clients start with full sets until they know what their unique retention rate will be.

Just scroll down to the Gift Certificate section at the bottom of the page to start creating your own personalized gift certificate! Gift Certificates can be emailed directly to your recipient or you can print it out if you wish to deliver it in person, Lashes do make Thee Best gifts!! Create your own personalized gift certificate! Located in the beautiful Bixby Knolls neighborhood in the the heart of Uptown Long Beach, California, Flirt Lash Bar is a calm and relaxing space where "lash naps" in our plush recliners are always in style!

Flirt offers Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions. Visit www. Over time my lashes had become really thin and sparse. Yay ughhh. I wasn't sure if eyelash extensions were for me since I really don't wear much makeup but my sister had been wearing them for over a year and her natural lashes were longer and stronger than before. AND they made her look super bright-eyed and refreshed so I thought I'd give it a try. We opted to go for a set of very fine, soft lashes doubled up to add extra fullness.

I've been wearing them continuously for over two years and just like my sister's lashes, my natural lashes are stronger and fuller than they've been in years! Learning how to properly care for my lashes made a huge difference and the time it saves me from doing makeup each day is priceless! I decided to get eyelash extensions for my wedding and it was one of the best wedding decisions I made!! We did a full set about 3 weeks before the wedding to make sure that I loved them, then a touch up a few days before the wedding.

They looked amazing in my photos and with all of the pre-wedding and post-wedding dinners and brunches it was perfect that I didn't really have to worry about doing a ton of makeup running on little sleep. Once the wedding madness calmed down, I figured I'd go back to just regular makeup but-to be honest- I had them off for two weeks and went right back in for another set.

I can't imagine how I ever went without them- they are so easy to wear! My natural lashes are long and dark, but like typical Asian lashes I'm half they have absolutely no curl and stick straight down! Whether I'm at the beach like in this photo! I usually wear a light set of classic lashes - they enhance the lashes I already have without overpowering my face. I'm all about proper aftercare, so some of my partial sets have lasted well over a month!

Self assured women are more successful. We help with that.

Plus, my boyfriend is constantly commenting now on how adorable I look first thing in the morning! Flirt Lash Bar Eyelash Extensions.At Star Lash Barwe believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We also know that the right lashes can enhance your natural beauty and put a serious swagger in your step.

Our goal is to have you walking out the door looking amazing, feeling confident. Our work focus on quality and professionalism.

Self assured women are more successful. We help with that.

We promise to give you a great lash extensions experience! I found out about Star Lash Bar and was recommended by a friend so I tried it out and I've never been happier with my lashes!

I'm not one who really takes care of my lashes either so I was very surprised. I always get them wet plus I'm a side sleeper and my lashes always touch my pillow. My lashes normally stay on and look good for weeks after the refills because of how intricate her work is - whereas I would experience more lashes falling out by the work of another technician with the same type of care.

I love Mia's work and you will too if you're looking for a new technician to give you long voluminous lashes! Mia is my go to when it comes to quality service! I've been going to Mia for over a year now and she has never left me disappointed. I appreciate Mia's consultative approach, she suggested a style that wouldn't weigh down my eyes and give me the glam look that I wanted. My eyes never burn or get red and they are always perfectly in place.

She is also accommodating when you have to move your appointment date and time around. Since going to star lash bar, I've received several compliments on my lashes. They are soft and full and I love them every time. They also last a long time with minimal lashes falling out. Mia is stuck with me!!

She is pretty awesome!!! I've had my lashes done a few times before at amazing lash and I have to say Star Lash Bar is so much better.

Mia makes making an appointment to get in a breeze via text message. The waiting room is really pretty with complimentary refreshments and snacks. I love how clean it is in the entire place. The bed was so comfortable I literally fell asleep. As soon as I left I was getting compliments left and right on my lashes! I would highly recommend Star Lash Bar! Call or text at anytime to book appointments or questions!

Leave your stressful work behind and enjoy happy time with us! Choose service. Lash Services. Additional Services. Waxing Menu. Moe M. Ivy L. Andrea P. LaKeisha C.Eyelash extension is a process of individually placing a synthetic mink like lash on your natural lash to give you an enhanced look.

We care about each one of our customers. Prior to every new lash service, we sit down and have a lash consultation to review and discuss which lashes are best for you. We will never recommend any lash type or style that will be damaging to your natural lashes. Everyone goes through a natural cycle usually between week. With our lash technique, our lashes never damage your natural lash but will fall out with your natural lash cycle.

We separate every natural lash individually and carefully placing our synthetic mink like lash on top without touching the eyelid or clustering lashes together. Clustering is when lashes glued on top of each other with no real technique usually resulting in damaging your natural lashes and multiple fallouts before natural lash cycle.

Classic Lashes are the most common and is a beginners lash set. This is light and fluffy give a very full look. Mega Volume Lashes are the most glamorous and statement making lash set. Baby Doll. Beautiful and wispy. Natural Curl. Slight Curl - Most Popular. Dramatic Curl. Extreme Dramatic Curl. For Hooded Eyes.

Eyelash Extensions.


Lash Type. Lash Styles. The natural lash looks does just that. Our lash stylist uses the natural lash look to imitate your natural lashes while giving it a fuller and longer look. Can be used for an everyday look or a night out with your girls.

Lash Curls. B-Curl Natural Curl. D-Curl Dramatic Curl. L-Curl For Hooded Eyes.I have gotten lash extensions with Novalash for five years. The two lash types I tried prior to Novalash left me with an awful taste in my mouth. Novalash saved my interest in lash extensions. I hope to do the same for you. Find all the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Why get eyelash extensions? Does lash brand matter?

How will it affect my natural lashes? How long will the lashes last? Will I need makeup afterwards? How long does it take to apply the lash extensions? If you have questions that are not answered within the page, please feel free to e-mail us.

This link provides more information on eyelash extensions, along with links for outside articles written by third parties like Huffington Post. Find additional information on Full Sets and Eyelash Fills. Find out more about our location. Bel Air Lash Bar. Cart 0. Individual eyeLash extensions novalash certified technician provides beautiful, practical, cost effective lash enhancements.

Check out the reviews on the following links:. Learn More. Frequently asked questions Find all the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Book your appointment now.Our light-weight eyelash extensions are so comfortable and feel so natural, you'll forget you have them, but everyone else is sure to notice your amazing lash line.

You will be thrilled with how you look when you leave our studio and even more ecstatic with how you look when you wake up beautifully every morning. Your eyes will look amazing and you'll find your morning routine is shorter than ever before. Once you've discovered how amazing your eyes can look even before you apply makeup, you'll wonder how you made it this long without lash extensions. You'll love our spa-like salon experience and the professional expertise of our licensed stylists, who will help you customize the length, fullness and shape to match your eye structure, lifestyle and personal style.

Our pricing varies between studios, but you can find local pricing online using our search tool. Using our patented application process, your stylist will attach light-weight eyelash extensions to each of your lashes to give you the most natural-looking lash line. Our styles can't be found anywhere else, and are customized to leave you looking your best.

It's an amazing experience we know you will love instantly! Our expert stylists will help you select the style best suited for your eye shape, and desired look, even taking into consideration your lifestyle to ensure your best lash look. Amazing Styles.

During these difficult times, we want to remind you that as an active member, your services never expire.

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This includes your monthly refills and pre-paid upgrades. Lash Cash, redeemable for upgrades or retail purchases, will also remain valid while your membership is active. Over the coming weeks we will be providing helpful tips and tricks to keep your confidence level full, even if your lashes have seen better days. Find a Location Find a Studio.

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The Amazing Lash Studio Experience Using our patented application process, your stylist will attach light-weight eyelash extensions to each of your lashes to give you the most natural-looking lash line.


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