For the Maasai and Samburu people of East Africa, cows have always been their most important possessions. Cows represent wealth — the more a person has some have cowsthe wealthier they are. To the Maasai and Samburu, cows are currency.

Other livestock such as goats and sheep are kept for meat and milk, whereas donkeys are used for carrying things, such as containers of water to and from the river. Heifer International offered a number of the humped beasts to some Maasai pastorals who agreed to give them a try. You can let them loose at night without fear of losing them to lions.

The more I learned about camels, the more they seemed to me an obvious and sensible alternative to cows. I was sure the practice of owning them would spread quickly. Eight years after my Heifer International visit, I am now in Kenya and Tanzania trying to understand why owning camels is still such an anomaly.

I ask some Maasai and Samburu men what they think about owning camels instead of cows. Few of his countrymen seem to have any interest in discussing camels, let alone learning more about their advantages over cattle. Another agrees. It makes so much sense to trade in your other animals for them, no? Then it hits me.

The camel vs cow debate has nothing to do with practicality and everything to do with tradition. The Maasai are well known for holding onto their traditions despite the encroaching modern world, and I admire them for that. For example, young Maasai and Samburu men use their cows to attract a wife. The more cows they own, the higher their chance of finding the pick of the girls. Everyone seems to agree that quantity is what matters most in matters of the heart.

I visit another Maasai group. Travel in Africa is about knowing when and where to go, and with whom. Thirty years of travelling to and living in eleven African countries — from my first trip to southern Africa on assignment as a fashion model, to my recent role as Africa Adventures Specialist in East Africa for the Jane Goodall Institute — has nourished my lifelong passion for the natural world. Connect with me at SavingWild.

HuntingOpinion EditorialPoaching. Natural history. Human-wildlife conflictPoaching. Posted on October 2, by Lori Robinson.Ever wondered how easy it would be to get your hands on your very own dromedary? Indeed, perhaps due to the low fat content of both meat and milk, it does seem to be experiencing a surge in popularity at the moment — even the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, was seen tucking in on a recent visit.

Wealth was often associated with the number of camels owned and as such they were used as payment and traded like currency. More than 2, years since they were first used domestically, camels are still very much big business in the UAE. Earlier this year, there was also talk of closing down the main Abu Dhabi abattoir and camel market, but this has apparently since been scrapped in favour of upgrading the existing facilities.

Despite the rather central location of the Al Ain market in the oasis city, and apparently regular visits from tourists, my arrival still inspires a flurry of activity, and several sellers make their way over, with insistent invitations to see baby camels. After leaping, rather dramatically, out of the path of an oncoming 4x4, the drive-thru nature of the market is one of the first things to tickle my mouth into a smile. Much of the bartering takes place through wound-down windows, with buyers cruising between pens and salesmen to pick their beasts.

I turn around and ask those forming my new entourage how old the smallest creatures in the pen are, and how much they want for each. Apparently if I take a few, I can have a discount. Unfortunately, for feeble-hearted spectators the goings on here are far from cute. We watch as workers at the market wrestle ropes around some of the younger stock to load them onto trucks.

Throughout the morning, as more camels are loaded onto trucks, I learn the majority are destined for dinner tables. No peaceful retirement for this poor fellow. Some destined for food are bought for wedding feasts — serving a whole camel is a tradition that goes back many years, sometimes involving stuffing the animal with a whole goat. It should be on a farm or in the countryside.

Al Maha Desert Resort The luxurious hideaway on the outskirts of the city offers an hour-long sunset camel trek, with bubbles if preferred.

What’s a camel worth?

These beasts are shampooed and have no odour at all. Activities package Dhs per person. Al Sahra Equestrian Centre This secluded desert ranch offers minute camel excursions.

Guests learn the history of the camel and taste camel milk before setting off on a minute ride. From Dhs Jebel Ali-Lehbab Road, www.The price a pedigree camel fetches could fuel a small town. Is it moral for camel races to continue, while much of the Arab world lives in poverty?

Walk a mile for a camel? It certainly seems like rich people living in Abu Dhabi and other UAE states are more than willing to do this — especially when the camels in question are pedigree racing dromedaries used for sport in the Sheikdom and other locations in the Middle East.

how much is a camel worth in dubai

And less than a year later, a conference was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to make camel racing using children a criminal act. One might expect this kind of camel trading to take place in Saudi Arabia, where camels are still considered as a symbol of wealth.

Still, this is the Middle East, where camels are still very much a part of the local scene. And after all, prized race horses, including breeding mares, are sold for similar prices in many parts of the world, and purchased by the wealthy, including Arabs. But even though camel racing with child jockeys is supposedly illegal in places like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, it undoubtedly continues, as does human trafficking of women and childrennow considered to be one of the most lucrative financial operations in the world today.

The camel trading market has even remained stable, despite the disastrous effects of the worldwide recession on the local real estate markets, especially in Dubai. There are a lot of good qualities to this animal, besides being used for sport.

Camels have been used to both carry loads and for transportation for more than 4, years. Their meat and milk are consumed with relish; and their hair and hides used to make clothing and for the walls of Bedouin tents. And last of all, their dung is used to make campfires to keep people warm on cold desert nights, as well as for cooking. But to pay so much money to own them, while many people are going hungry? It might well be prudent for some of this camel wealth to be spread around to help improve the welfare of the children and their families who were and maybe still are involved in being camel jockeys, for the pleasure and enjoyment of the rich.

Images via Fohn ; Dreamsofdubai. Podemos ofrecerte este servicio desde Marbella hasta Sotogrande solo zona costa, salvo desde Noviembre hasta Marzo donde si va a poder haber un cargo por la entrega en dependencia del importe del alquiler.

After looking at a number of the blog posts on your site, I honestly appreciate your technique of blogging. I book marked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my website too and tell me what you think.In the waiting room for a flight to Doha at Dubai International Airport, two men are sitting dressed in Gulf style - from their turbans it seems that they are from neighbouring Oman, though these details would not be easy to notice for someone not familiar with the region's culture.

Taking the initiative and starting a conversation with them, Faisal and Ahmed then tell me of the reasons for their visit to Dubai - including attending camel races.

Why Dubai Built An Underwater Floating Train

Camel races? I exclaim, eager to know the story. I have been obsessed with camels since my childhood," he says. While Faisal works in the communications industry, outside of work he rears camels with the help of his family because, he says "it absorbs the negative energy accumulated during the week". These days, camels are no longer raised for their milk and meat as they used to be - instead they've become a way to make money and become a millionaire.

Faisal explains that camels are fed on a rich diet including honey, fresh milk, eggs, dates and vitamins. You feed camels honey, isn't it expensive?

Dubai crown prince buys camel for record $2.7mn

I ask. Faisal also explains the age at which a camel starts racing varies between two years and seven - once the trainer feels that the camel is ready. The rulers of Gulf states generally determine the camels' prices. But how much does a camel cost? Faisal looked nonchalant when he was speaking about the prices, while I vainly try not to look shocked. But attaining to this level is not easy, camels have to pass preliminary rounds in Gulf countries, with the winners awarded a place in the big races.

The more Faisal talks about the importance of camel racing, the more I understand about the role of Gulf countries as a big camel market - they sell camels destined for animal husbandry and those destined for racing. Weekly fairs and local camel races are held with the aim of choosing the best ones to participate in the major competitions - such as the Gulf Racing Cup, Dubai's annual Camel Racing Festival, and the Shahanya Camel Races in Qatar.

The track length varies between 1. Given all the intense interest and money that is invested in racing camels, do people ever bet on the races, I ask Feisal?

how much is a camel worth in dubai

They never do, he answers, because it is forbidden in Islam. In recent year, the Gulf States have stopped using children as jockeys - and instead switched to robot ones after criticism from human rights organizations, who reported child were being killed on the camel racing-circuits.

But adults can still race camels, says Faisal, who also believes that these races can become popular sporting events in different parts of the world - even Europe. But isn't Europe too cold, I ask? As people become increasingly connected and more mobile, the BBC is exploring how identities are changing.Sheikh Hamdan buys camel at record price at Abu Dhabi camel festival.

The female camel bought by Sheikh Hamdan at a camel beauty pageant in UAE capital Abu Dhabi was the most expensive one bought, one of the organisers said. Al-Amiri, who said the camel had been bought from seller Sari Al Mazrouie, was speaking at the sidelines of the nine-day beauty pageant, the Mazayin Dhafra Camel Festival, which opened last week on Wednesday in the Gulf state.

One hundred cars are also being offered as prizes. Abu Dhabi has previously produced the world's first test-tube purebred camel and has begun using remote-controlled robot riders in its camel races in place of child jockeys. Note to self: Quit job Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. Questions about why you are seeing this? Contact us.

Tue 8 Apr AM. Arabian Business: why we're going behind a paywall. Real news, real analysis and real insight have real value — especially at a time like this. Unlimited access ArabianBusiness. Click here for more details. Staff writer. Talal Malik. Customizing is about having an eye for style and proportion.

Used and approved. India to show first Pakistani film in 43 years.To do that, the service: Allocates some nodes to handle your job when you start it. Scales the number of nodes during the job in an attempt to optimize efficiency. Shuts down the nodes as soon as your job is done.

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Abu Dhabi Rich Pay Millions For Camels While Arab World Stays Poor

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how much is a camel worth in dubai

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