Looking for the best pump-action shotguns for bird hunting? We have compiled our 11 favorite pump-action bird guns for your review. As always, leave us a comment if you have any questions about a particular product or if you just want to share some love. Happy hunting. We are just going to hit you hard right out of the gate with our favorite bird-hunting pump shotgun in the SXP Black Shadow.

There are a lot of reasons to like the Black Shadow, but our favorite reason is the price.

best waterfowl shotgun 2019

The synthetic stock is made up of a non-slip grip surface and the non-glare matte black makes it less intrusive to game.

If you are looking for a hell of a well-priced shotgun, and one that is simply beautiful to look at as well, you need to seriously consider checking out the Winchester SXP Black Shadow.

Looking for an innovatively designed pump-action shotgun designed for all0round use? Introducing the Benelli Nova; one of the most reliable, indestructible pump-action shotguns money can buy. The Nova comes with a magazine disconnect button on the bottom of the forearm, which allows shooters to unload the chamber without releasing another round from the magazine.

This allows a user to quickly load another round via the ejection port should another shooting situation suddenly present itself in the field. The Nova is a strong, reliable and accurate bird hunting shotgun that should be considered for those not looking to spend a thousand bucks.

The BPS Field Pump-Action Shotgun is comprised of rigid, dual machined, steel slide bars inside a receiver machined from a solid block of forged steel. What you get is a mechanically sound and reliable shotgun for bird hunting or slug hunting. The double slide bars eliminate twisting and binding for faster, more efficient gun operation. This prevents rain from getting inside the gun unlike a lot of other models.

The BPS Field features a satin-finished walnut stock and fore-end, and a matte blued barrel and receiver. It is incredibly beautiful. The Mossberg Ulti-Mag Waterfowl is an all-around single shotgun. It is virtually three shotguns in one, feeding and functioning flawlessly with all 12 gauge shells, from light rounds to super capacity magnums.

What the Ulti-Mag allows is all-season versatility.While there were a handful of new shotguns showcased at SHOT Show, there were also some subtle updates like Mossberg now offering a. Benelli Surface Treatment technology. Using diamond-like carbon particles, the multi-layers of the B. The Drake version of the All-Terrain series features OD green Cerakote finishes on the inch barrels and the receiver, a single extractor, a single selectable trigger, a Turkish walnut stock with a pistol grip, and five extended choke tubes.

But what really sets this gun apart is the use of patent pending rare-earth magnets that help keep shotgun shells in place even when the gun is turned upside down. That make for easier shell loading in a pre-dawn goose pit blind or duck blind — you can literally load up this shotgun with the breech face pointing down! Using a spring within the bolt to store energy during the shotgun's recoil, CZ-USA says the gas-less system uses this stored energy a split second later to rotate and unlock the twin lugs from the barrel extension.

That results in kicking the spent shell out as the gun cycles another one into the chamber. Dual Regulating Inline Valve gas operating system. By shedding excess gas before the bolt is driven, the result is consistent ejection of magnum and low-brass shotshell loads, fast cycling of those shells, and less felt recoil on each shot. Ready to grill up some delicious, juicy waterfowl burgers? This Horseradish Duck Burger Recipe This video is a classic!

Take a front row seat with Carson as he hunted back in college. The clips are all either filmed with a GoPro or cell phone! From warm and moisture-wicking base layers to water and windproof outer layers, this is a complete system for women who love to chase fall and wintertime ducks and geese across the four flyways!

Let's just say, he had a very good hunt! See More Popular Videos. See More Shotguns. All Wildfowl subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets.

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Taylor has broken down the top waterfowl shotguns for the season. Boats 8 Best Mud Motors for David Hart - May 26, Let's face it, that old mud motor from two years ago isn't cuttin' it any longer. Of course, A staffing recruiter and outfitter Taylor - October 10, Since its introduction the Benelli system has never stopped gaining momentum. Shotguns 7 New Waterfowl Shotguns for Lynn Burkhead - February 01, In what seems to be a quiet year for new waterfowl shotguns, there were still a few newThe Versaport gas system and SuperCell recoil pad combine to make the V3 a soft shooter.

The loading port has been enlarged for easier access. Extras include a sling, stock shims, extended choke tubes, fiber-optic bead in front, and steel bead in the middle. Last year the A Xtreme Plus added waterfowler-friendly features like enlarged controls and a stepped rib to an already reliable platform. In any color, the A Xtreme has a lot to offer. The gauge is having a moment and this time around gunmakers are doing 16s right, building them on true, scaled frames, and not just sticking gauge barrels on gauge receivers.

Case in point is the Citori Feather Superlight. If you wanted one gun for, say, a wood duck or timber hunt in the morning and a walk behind pointers in the afternoon, this gun could handle it in stride. Rich in features, it has a stock that adjusts for length, oversized bolt handle and release button, and a big, square safety button that is easy to find with cold hands and easy to reverse for left-handed use.

It also features a stepped rib and a fiber-optic bead. Already a great option for waterfowlers choosing a smallbore, the gauge M2 is lightweight and also light kicking thanks to a ComforTech stock.

best waterfowl shotgun 2019

It gets even better with the full Performance Shop treatment. Metal parts are Cerakoted, and the stock and forearm are dipped in Optifade Marsh.

Best New Waterfowl Shotguns for 2020

The action is honed and polished for ultimate reliability, the trigger is tuned, and the forcing cone is lengthened to improve patterns. The gun comes with three Rob Roberts Triple Threat extended chokes. A fiber-optic bead, enlarged bolt handle, and enlarged bolt release complete the package. Made in an ultra-modern Turkish factory, the Masai Mara shows attention to detail in its fit and finish.

The Turkish-made Silver Eagle synthetic is worth a look if you want the recoil-reducing advantages of a gas gun at a low price. The gauge SE has a black synthetic stock and dull metal to keep it from sticking out in the blind. It comes with five choke tubes and a fiber-optic front bead, giving you more gun for your money. The inch barrels are chrome lined to withstand steel shot and come with five choke tubes.

With a price so low it reads like a misprint, the Stevens is a smooth-cycling pump anyone can afford. It is available in gauge with a inch barrel and gauge with a inch barrel. The Italian-made Instinct is a solid and reliable gun, and while it may not be a traditional choice for the duck blind, its extended choke tubes will perform with steel, and the small fiber-optic bead will keep you on target on gloomy mornings.

The stock and forearm are made of AA-grade walnut, and the receiver now features gold inlaid game birds, including a pair of mallards.

best waterfowl shotgun 2019

The first gun honors the Labrador retriever, a choice almost every waterfowler will agree with. It boasts upgraded AA walnut with a satin finish, and the nickel-colored alloy receiver features engravings of Labs on both sides. It comes in gauge with a inch barrel and gauge with a inch barrel.

This year it gets a makeover with the Elite series. The Elite guns also feature extended choke tubes and enlarged bolt handles and bolt release buttons. It comes with five chokes and a fiber-optic bead. Available only in 3-inch gauge, the has a inch barrel and comes with five extended chokes. The XLR5 is a well-made and well-finished gun inside and out.

The result is a soft-shooting 3-inch gauge semiauto that handles a wide variety of loads with ease. FABARM shotguns are proofed to higher standards than any other Italian gun, and the Tribore HP barrel design—a very long forcing cone, overbored section, and tapered section—actually does help squeeze a little extra velocity out of a shotshell.

This year an all-black, lower-priced Composite Hunter model joins the TrueTimber Viper camo version with a choice of or inch barrels. The Henry Single Shot Shotgun may remind some hunters of their first scattergun, but there is more to the Henry than simple nostalgia.

Available in gauge, gauge, and. The action opens with a tang-mounted lever, like a double gun, and an interlock system prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. Mossberg offers a pair of its mainstays in Mossy Oak Bottomland for Right now! And not only in terms of bird numbers, season lengths, and bag limits but in the world of technological advancements as well. Gear, that is. And in no realm are these advancements more dramatic than in the field of waterfowl firearms.

Mossberg was the first to introduce the revolutionary 3. Since then, the company has continued to grow in terms of arming 21st Century waterfowlers, offerings that have included the 3. Today, both semi-automatics are available in a Pro-Series Waterfowl format featuring the same tried-and-true gas operation system, same elemental internal components, and the same rugged abuse-taking exterior.

Recoil reduction. Ease of maintenance. The V3 starts with the Versaport operating system, a gas-metering program that self-adjusts to any shotshell based on its length. Merely pull two holding bolts, and the valves drop out. It began with the popular SX2, and progressed to the SX3. Another in the family of gas-operated autoloaders, the SX4 is all about features and ease of use.

A quick drop-out trigger group, too, assists for end-of-day cleaning. Yes, this one still sports the legendary humpback receiver. Like its forefather, the WWA5 is slim, trim, and surprisingly light at 6.

She is capable of handling 3. Everything else is just simply top shelf. Another recoil-operated autoloader, this one from the fine folks at Franchi USA. The Affinity 3. Available in four finish options, the Affinity 3. Described as a gas-less operating system, the uses a recoil-style spring within the bolt itself to store kinetic energy. The major advantage to this system, as it is in all recoil-operated systems, is dramatically diminished maintenance.

No gas means less mess, and less mess means fewer hours at the cleaning table. And with good reason. Actually, three good reasons — reliability, reliability, and, yes, reliability.The gray hulls are designed to be less conspicuous around the blind.

Already a favorite among budget-minded waterfowlers, Kent Fasteel now features zinc-plated shot and nickel-plated heads for corrosion resistance. Additionally, the wads and powders have been reengineered for improved performance. Fasteel 2. Remington goes retro with the new Peters Premier Blue steel lineup that packages modern shotshells in old-style boxes.

Remington bought Peters Cartridge Company in and for decades after, hunters and target shooters recognized Remington-Peters shotshells by their blue hulls. The blue hulls are back, but now they have a water-tight crimp and sealed primer.

Mississippi-based Apex Ammunition made a splash in with several new nontoxic options for waterfowlers. The company is now offering a Premium Waterfowl Series line, featuring 3-inch, gauge loads of zinc-plated steel BBs, 2s, or 4s, which are blended with Tungsten Super Shot 9s for improved performance at longer ranges.

A new boutique ammo maker out of Bridgman, Michigan, Boss Shotshells produces its own bismuth pellets and sells direct to consumers to keep prices low.

This year Boss has begun copper-plating bismuth pellets to improve patterns and reduce feather draw. Initial loads are offered in and gauge, with gauge, gauge, and.

Federal boosts the performance of its Black Cloud ammo by mixing the ringed Flite-stopper pellets with Tungsten Super Shot in its Flitecontrol wad. The result is a devastating load at a much lower price than percent TSS. Backridge Ammunition is a new company specializing in factory-loaded ITX shot, a tungsten-based pellet safe for older guns that was previously available only to reloaders. ITX comes in two varieties: ITX, which is almost as dense as lead, and ITX, which is denser than lead and is available in waterfowl and turkey loads.

Related chris jennings gear hunting gear phil bourjaily. Recently Added.Shotguns of all kinds are available this year in various price and aesthetic ranges, from tactical bullpups to. We dedicated scattergunners shall not be deterred from our appointed rounds at skeet, sporting clays, and birds of a feather. The feature-packed Benelli Model U Sport is designed for sporting clays.

Its inch barrels come with five extended choke tubes, an anti-glare matte-finish, and a channeled top rib. The anatomically shaped stock is AA walnut, and the Model U Sport comes with weights, a trigger tool, and a shim kit to adjust drop and cast, all in a sturdy hard case. Both are chambered for 3-inch magnums, weigh a hair under 6 pounds, and are available in various camo finishes. The turkey version has a inch barrel and five flush-fitting Benelli choke tubes, plus a Roberts extended XTF turkey tube.

The gauge barrels have 3. Barrel lengths offered are 26, 28, and 30 inches. The trigger is gold-plated, and the front sight is an ivory-colored bead. The gun comes with a Cynergy Inflex recoil pad. The folks at CZ have a new autoloader this year called the Model The receiver is available in black, gray, or bronze Cerakote finish.

A Mossy Oak Blades camo finish is also available. Barrels are 28 inches long, come with five choke tubes, and shoot all loads from light-recoiling target loads to 3-inch magnums without adjustment. The safety is in front of the trigger, so if you are used to the safety in that position, you are good to go.

9 New Waterfowl Shotguns for 2019

CZ has reintroduced the Bobwhite in 12, 20, and 28 gauges, and it also comes with five choke tubes. This traditional side-by-side has double triggers, a splinter forearm, and a straight grip.

Traditionalists will love it, and so do I.

best waterfowl shotgun 2019

New for is a high-rib 15mm version designed for the competition shooter. This elegant O-U weighs 7. The single trigger is selective, the ejectors are automatic, and the receiver is embellished with gold engraving.

Lots of good things come from Italy, and the Franchi Affinity autoloader is one of them. It is available with walnut stocks and blued steel and synthetic stocks with various camo finishes.Semi-automatic shotguns tend to outperform others because they can fire quicker and require less shooter movement for follow-up shots. The fact that they rely on as or recoil operating action also helps to reduce recoil.

Other shotgun varieties can also be more prone to malfunction due to fouling. Click here for the lowest price. This is an excellent lightweight semi-automatic shotgun designed for fast-handling and rugged performance. It is built around the reliable Inertia Driven system, which allows gauge and gauge M2s to cycle nearly any cartridge, from target loads to heavy 3-inch magnums. The Benelli M2 Tactical includes the trademarked ComforTech recoil-reduction system with gel recoil and combo pads.

This system significantly dampens recoil by up to 48 percent, as well as decreasing muzzle jump. It features only four major components, which means it can be disassembled quickly in the field or at the range.

This semi-automatic shotgun boasts a lightweight, Mallard Green anodized aluminum-alloy receiver that handles 2.

It comes with a matte-black synthetic stock with an adjustable length-of-pull and adjustable shim system designed to withstand rain, snow, dust, and mud. It also features a fitted rubber recoil pad, cross-bolt safety, and mobile choke system with three choke tubes. The Remington Versa Max Competition disassembles easily for rapid cleaning. It offers an enlarged feeding port, bolt-closure button, cocking handle, trigger-guard opening, and cross-bolt safety for ease of use.

It also boasts an adjustable XS rear rifle sight, HiViz interchangeable sights, and length-of-pull kit, as well as a fully adjustable stock. This semi-automatic shotgun also includes a barrel clamp to yield maximum stabilization and a dual gas system that reduces felt recoil and increases ease of cycling. Finally, it features an over sized bolt handle and bolt release, logo-engraved receiver, front fiber-optic sight, and extended charging handle.

The well-known Stoeger semi-automatic shotgun offers magnum performance and reliability at a value-driven price. This semi-automatic shotgun comes with a red-bar fiber-optic sight to help you quickly and easily acquire targets, even in low light conditions. It also included a stock-integrated recoil reducer, a receiver drilled and tapped for Weaver-style scope bases, three choke tubes, and a choke tube wrench. This gauge semi-automatic shotgun boasts the iconic humpback profile.

It is designed to be the most reliable, fastest cycling, best performing, and softest shooting recoil operated autoloader available.


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