The Balkan states are literally central to the reason the First World War began, and yet, the battles in Balkans are often overshadowed by the fighting on the Western Front. Make a last stand alongside the Serbian army in Belgrade, Fight alongside or against the Bulgarians in the bloody Battle of Doiran, and join the Greek Army as they break neutrality to aid the Allied war effort.

Standard issue Serbian Rifle, an older single-shot bolt action rifle modified to use a five-round magazine. In game, performs best at long range, with a "sweet spot" range from meters.

A bolt action rifle based on the Austrian Mannlicher used by the Greek Army, firing the 6. Fires a round with high wind resistance and stability, making it highly accurate. In game, the weapons has a "sweet spot" of meters, making it a long-range weapon. A conversion of the straight pull bolt-action Steyr to semi-automatic weapons were made during the First World War, though none saw widespread service. This one is based on a Bulgarian design reported to have units produced, but to have been destroyed after the war.

Source and image. In-game damage profile similar to the Selbslader M A prototype rifle designed by the designer of the Austro-Hungarian Frommer Stop semi-automatic pistol operated on the long recoil principal. In-game, the weapon has a similar damage profile to the RSC, but does max damage at a longer range, up to 60 meters, hence the marksman scope. An Austro-Hungarian submachine gun made in response to to the Villar Perosa used by the Italian forces on the Isonzo front.

The weapon consisted two automatic Frommmer Stop pistols placed together. The first semi-automatic pistol, designed by Joseph Laumann in and trial for use by the Austro-Hungarian army. The weapon has a five-round magazine- less than many revolvers of the periods. In-game, the weapon performs more like a revolver, with a lower rate of fire and high close range damage, with its nearest comparison being the Assault class' Howdah Pistol.

Spanish pistol similar the M, used by the Spanish army and a variety of international users, including the French in the First World War. Belgian semi-automatic pistol made by Fabrique National.

The vehicle designed by Austro-Hungarian engineer Gunther Burstyn inbut never constructed. The Motorgeschutz carried a 47mm main gun in a revolving turret and two machine guns, with up to 11mm of armor. The tank was designed to have a top speed of 28 kilometers per hour, far faster than any WWI tank. Had the Austro-Hungarians or the Germans, who Burstyn also pitched the design to, adopted the Motorgeschutz, the course of the First World War, and the 20th century could have been very different.

Note that, except for the machine gun, the variable secondary armament is fictionalized and does not reflect actual designs, but rather possible adaptations of the rear turret, had the vehicle actually been built. Map consists the densely wooded slopes of Cer Mountain, the site of the Battle of Cer inin which the Serbians defeated Austro-Hungarian forces.The Tanker is a special class representing operators of tanks in the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 2 Edit The Gunner kit is a hidden, non-selectable kit that exists within the game files of Battlefield 2. It is a solely visual change in appearance for gunners in main battle tanks, as they handle the machine gun directly instead of through a remote system as in other games in the series. Upon exiting the vehicle, the player is switched back to the model for their chosen class and faction. Battlefield 1 Edit The Tanker is a kit appearing in Battlefield 1. The player gains this role by spawning in a tankartillery truckor L-Class Destroyer in this case they represent the ship's captainand continues using this kit upon exiting said vehicle.

The kit is geared towards vehicle maintenance, rather than as an infantryman seen in other classes. Like the Pilot class, they are issued with pistol carbines as their primary and an additional handgun as a secondary weapon. Tankers carry a Repair Tool which allows them to maintain their vehicle, inside and out. They can throw an Anti-Tank Grenade as a last-ditch weapon against enemy vehicles that may have beaten them.

A survival knifea frag grenadeand gas mask are their remaining resources until they can procure another vehicle or kit. An important note is that the Tanker kit is unavailable in the main menu screen's Class Customizationand purchasing weapons or editing the loadout can only be done during a match while a ground vehicle is available for spawn.

The Tanker kit has access to two class-specific specializations with the ability to deploy the Smokescreen when vehicles is disabled and improve the self-repair features. The player gains this role by spawning in a tank or similarly heavy armored vehicle.

Their loadout and appearance cannot be customized in any fashion. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Specializations Edit The Tanker kit has access to two class-specific specializations with the ability to deploy the Smokescreen when vehicles is disabled and improve the self-repair features Critical Cover Convoy. Mark V Landship on the far right. Left two soldiers, an Assault and a Tanker.

British Empire. Kingdom of Italy. United States. German Empire. Austro-Hungarian Empire. Ottoman Empire. French Republic. Russian Empire. White Army. Red Army. British Empire in Turning Tides. Royal Marines.Categories Discussions.

August 23, PM. So I get that EA needs to be progressive and have blacks in their games almost everywhere, but I cant get over the fact that German soldiers are black Blacks in the game are over represented. Now, they have women for Russians You know French army had like some Africans there from the US, well we can actually like exclude that since there are blacks in the American faction, but on the other hand, White Americans did not fight along blacks I mean yea, the Blacks are over represented Now, we have the Austro-Hungarian army.

The conscription stats are fromI believe it was roughly the same after that year Now, I think that, that list is actually refering to language rather than ethnicities. My problem is that, women in the Russian army are greatly overrepresented, now I heard that there was only 5 thousand women actually fighting in the war, some say it was 50 thousand, still its a pretty small Battalion and cannot compare to for example 1,2 million Czechs in the Austro-Hungarian army Who are not represented I would really like to see Austro-Hungarians speaking some other languages than "German", I think the Austro-Hungarians are just almost exact copy of the German army.

I havent noticed any differences in the dialects between Austro-Hungarian Soldiers and German soldiers in Battlefield Also I believe its not that hard to get a Hungarian or Czech dubber Maybe it will get more attention.

Mannlicher M1895

Also some links you know. They just wanted to keep everybody happy whilst adding variety, I didn't read the whole thing but I understand what you're getting at and you've got some nerve to poke a sick at such a touchy subject, but I suppose it doesn't matter because you're online, I would bet my right leg on you never raising this discussion in real life.

I havent seen anyone addresing this thing yet It's a video game. Get over it. August 23, PM edited August I will only play as black and woman scouts just to enrage the cryhards.

Wwwaaaaaahhhhhhh there are women in my game! I only play as the black dude and the woman, fight me! What's the betting a trace IP ends in Charlottesville? Women are in, blacks are in, don't like it?

We are not having this discussion again. Reply to this topic. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register.Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter developed by Swedish game developer DICE and published by Electronic Arts, and a main series installment in the popular Battlefield series.

It is set in World War 1, with players taking on the role of soldiers in the trenches or controlling vehicles from tanks and early fighter planes to armored trains and Zeppelins.

Battlefield 1 - Faction challenge - Austro-Hungarian Empire 60 fps

Other contents are added in sporadic content drop updates. For the actual first entry in the Battlefield series, see Battlefield: The following weapons appear in the video game Battlefield 1 :. The game's class system is altered somewhat from previous incarnations. The Assault class is close to the anti-tank classes of previous games, using heavy anti-vehicle weapons and submachine guns or shotguns, the Medic class is a general-purpose combatant with automatic or semi-automatic rifles grouped under the "self-loading rifle" monikerthe Support class uses machine guns, and the Scout class uses bolt-action plus one lever-action, one single-shot, and one semi-automatic converted bolt-action rifles in-game these are grouped together as "Single-Action Rifles".

There are also new vehicle-using "Tanker" and "Pilot" classes, both using pistol-carbines or a sawed-off shotgun and the former having a repair tool; these are automatically assigned when the player chooses to spawn in a fresh armored vehicle, naval destroyer, or airplane. An additional vehicle class is the Cavalry, whose kit is provided when the player rides on a horse. The Cavalry primarily use melee weapons, but also have a Winchester Model for ranged effectiveness.

Additional to the standard classes are Elite Classes, classes whose equipment kits are found on maps at strategic locations and can be picked up by players. They are a successor to the often underpowered Battle Pickups in Battlefield 4. All Elite Classes have additional equipment in addition to their primary weapons, and all wear body armor of varying levels, the Sentry being the toughest that grant them extra damage resistance.

Flame Troopers appear in singleplayer campaign as enemies, while the Sentry kit is used by the player character Luca in the "Avanti Savoia! Clip-loaded weapons are all portrayed with detailed clip-by-clip reload animations and single-round reload animations, much like Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingradand rifles often have a reload detail with the player's left hand covering the magazine when opening the action to stop the rounds from flying out. To prevent a scope attachment from blocking the magazine, all weapon scopes are side-mounted, even when real examples of the weapon had centrally-mounted scopes e.

Not stopping with clip-loaded weapons, many other weapons in the game especially DLC weapons feature very unusual dynamic reloads seen in very few games, detailed in their individual sections.

austro hungarian weapons bf1

Battlefield 1 uses a system of weapon variants in place of weapon modifications like in previous Battlefield games. Instead of letting players freely customize their weapon attachments, each weapon has a number of variants each with pre-allocated attachments. The only attachments that can be customized by the player are Ironsights, Bayonets, Magnification range and in the case of automatic weapons, adjusting the direction of recoil control.

Below is a list of common names referring to each variant. In addition, taking a page from Battlefield Hardlineeach of the classes have their own class-exclusive sidearms. However, there are also a small handful of all-class sidearms available.

It is worth noting that all pistols that should lock back on their last shot instead repeat the standard firing animation with the slide going forward, with the slide then magically locking back, though the speed of the animations makes it hard to notice without paying attention.

All pistol hammers with the exception of the Steyr M and M Extended also never move, staying in the cocked position at all times. The Beretta M is available as one of the Support class's sidearms as the "Modello The Borchardt C is an available pistol that can be utilized by all classes once unlocked by getting to Rank 10 with the Support Class.

It inflicts similar damage to some of the faster firing pistols at 4 shots within close range but is hampered by a somewhat average rate of fire at RPM. It does however possess one of the best hip fire ratings of all the pistols. It is the first multiplayer weapon that uses the Maxim Silencer that was previously only present on certain weapons in the singleplayer mode.

A Colt Hammerless is available for the Assault class. It is the fastest firing pistol in the Assault Class at RPM but is also relatively weak, killing in about 4 shots at close range. The "M" in the game is a hybrid with features of both the M and MA1the latter being anachronistic since the MA1 was not standardized until It has a long Mstyle trigger and hammer spur and a short grip safety spur, but an A1-style frame cutout behind the trigger, no diamond markings on the grip, and a curved mainspring housing.

The M is the default starting pistol and is able to kill a target within 3 shots at close range: the rate of fire is moderate, enforced by a RPM firecap, and reload time is also moderate, but spread and recoil are more severe than other pistols.

An all-class suppressed variant was added to the CTE for testing in June Following the announcement of Battlefield Vmultiple pre-order bonus weapon variants were added to the game, awarded to those who pre-ordered BFV.The civil flag of the Empire. The left side represents Austria, and the right side represents Hungary.

They face the Russian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy. The faction is the main opposing force during the campaign chapter Avanti Savoia! There are several types of soldiers, using specific weapons and wearing specific uniforms.

These types are:. Austro-Hungarian Empire is one of seven factions appearing in the base game of Battlefield 1. The Austro-Hungarians appear in base game with German field grey feldgrau tunics, trench coats, and trousers with red piping sewn like other Central Powers factions, with some kits also sporting red collar tabs.

Austro-Hungarian Weapons - Roth Steyr Pistols

Other similarities include use of German-styled Y-harnesses and Gewehr 98 ammunition pouches, both made of leather. Headgear is made up of the Stahlhelm-derived Berndorfer Helmet, a full-face helmet and the Bergmutze hat. As with the other Central Powers factions, Austro-Hungarian soldiers generally wear high leg boots. In the In The Name Of The Tsar expansion, their uniforms' base color appears as a dark-blue, although the rest of their appearance remains unchanged.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. French Republic French Army. British Empire Royal Marines. Categories :. Cancel Save. The Austro-Hungarian Army was the main branch in the Austro-Hungarian military responsible for ground operations and occupations. The Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops were a branch of the Austro-Hungarian military responsible for aerial operations and support.

Kingdom of Italy. Caporetto Empire's Edge Monte Grappa. Russian Empire. Battlefield 1.

austro hungarian weapons bf1

They Shall Not Pass. Turning Tides.Italy or the Italian Republic is a country in Southern Europe, formerly known as the Kingdom of Italy from to Instead, they joined the Allies opposing the Central Powers inplaying a significant part in the war until the armistice of After World War Ialthough awarded territory and a place as one of the "Big Four" powers of the victorious nations alongside BritainFrance and the United Statesthe gains were considered small in comparison to the heavy human and financial cost of the war.

In the social and economic strife that followed, the fascist party seized power in Italy, with Benito Mussolini acting as dictator.

Induring the Allied invasion of Italy, Mussolini was deposed and the country signed an armistice with the Allies.

Austro-Hungarian Empire

From this point until the end of the war inthe country was split in two, with some choosing to join the fight with the Alliesand some continuing to support the German-aligned government of Mussolini, who had set up a new Fascist state in the north of the country. The war in Italy ended with the surrender of Germany in May a few days prior, Mussolini had been captured and executed by Italian Resistance members. After the war, Italy became one of the founding members of what is now known as the European Union in It is also a part of the NATO military alliance.

Italy is a part of both NATO and the European Unionboth of which are featured as factions in their own rights in the Battlefield series.

Italy is therefore presumably involved indirectly in other Battlefield games as a part of these 2 alliances. As such, all battles from this game are set in Italy. These are:. Italy returns in Battlefield 1. During the war, the country was the location of several major battles, where the Royal Italian Army fought mainly against the military of Austria-Hungary.

Caporetto was also a part of Italy, until the town was given to Yugoslavia in after Yugoslavia's dissolution, it passed to the modern day state of Slovenia. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video?

Contents [ show ]. French Republic French Army. British Empire Royal Marines. Categories :.It was nicknamed the Ruck-Zuck-Gewehr by Austrian troops ruck-zuck spoken as "roock-tsoock", in common language meaning "fast as a flash", at the same time echoing the repeating sound and "Ta-Pum" by Italian troops who even wrote a song about it during World War I.

austro hungarian weapons bf1

The M is unusual in employing a straight-pull bolt action, as opposed to the more common rotating bolt-handle of other rifles. It combines a two lug rotating bolt head, similar in construction to that found on a Mauser rifle with a pair of helical grooves cut in the bolt body to turn the back and forth movement of the bolt handle and body into the rotational movement of the bolt head.

The extractor performs both the usual function, and also has a tail attached which interfaces with slots on the cam surfaces of the bolt head to prevent the bolt head from rotating as a result of the striker's spring pressure once it has been unlocked. The result of this is that the user can pull the bolt back and forth in two movements rather than the up-back-forward-down of conventional turn bolt rifles. It is consequently renowned for combining relatively high rate of fire around 20—25 rounds per minute with reliability and sturdiness, although this requires decent care and maintenance.

During Austro-Hungarian trials inrifles survived torture testing of firing 50, rounds without any form of lubrication. The rifle is loaded by means of a five-round en-bloc clip, which when loaded with cartridges, is pressed into the magazine of the rifle, where it is retained and acts at the feed lips of the magazine.

When the last of the five rounds has been chambered, there is no longer anything retaining the clip in the magazine and it falls out a port in the bottom due to gravity. The clip will be ejected from the weapon quite energetically as the full force of the follower spring will be pressing against it.

The rifle is not designed to be loaded by any other means but the en-bloc clip. Attempts to single feed the rifle in absence of proper clips may cause damage to the extractor as it is not designed with enough travel to overcome the large rims of the 8x50mmR and 8x56mmR cartridges used in the M unless they are fed under the extractor from the clip.

It was initially adopted and employed by the Austro-Hungarian Army throughout World War Iand retained post-war by both the Austrian and Hungarian armies. The main foreign user was Bulgariawhich, starting inacquired large numbers and continued using them throughout both Balkan and World Wars.

A number of these rifles also saw use in World War IIparticularly by second line, reservist, and partisan units in Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy, and to lesser degree, Germany. Post war many were sold as cheap surplus, with some finding their way to the hands of African guerrillas in the s [ citation needed ] and many more being exported to the United States as sporting and collectible firearms.

The M bolt also served as an almost exact template for the ill-fated Canadian M Ross riflethough the later M used a complicated interrupted-thread instead of two solid lugs. The M was originally chambered in the 8mm M. Yugoslavia [7] converted at least some of their captured Ms to 7.

Its iron sights were graduated — paces — m. This stutzen or short rifle official designation German: Repetier-Stutzen M ; "Repeating-Stutzen M" was mainly used by special troops i. Its sights were graduated — paces — m. Weight: 3. The sights were graduated — paces — m. Although it originally didn't have bayonet lugsduring World War I it was fitted with stutzen-like front barrel band with bayonet lugs after mounted cavalry units were found ineffective.

The main difference from the standard rifle and stutzen was the telescopic sight mount. The scope was mounted slightly to the left so the rifle could be fed by en bloc clip.


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